Meet Dr. Pinto


A dentist with nearly 25 years of experience, Dr. Luis Alexandrino Pinto. Prior to relocating to California, he maintained a dental practice in São Paulo, Brazil, for more than a decade. Over the course of his career as a dentist, Dr. Pinto has performed a range of surgical procedures and is experienced in orthodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry. He now focuses on orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics. 

Dr. Luis Alexandrino Pinto graduated from the University of São Paulo, where he received a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). He has since completed more than 3,000 hours of continuing education courses. Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, Pinto has published a number of monographs, case reports, and articles internationally. His leisure pursuits include outdoor cycling and photography.